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Why is bamboo interesting me so.
It's a fast growing green material.
It's appears unknow in my cultural ascendance... in this way it's appearing new and fresh every time.

With bamboo, paradoxal things.
Paradoxes are caractristics of logics in my cultural mind, forged by decades and decades of mémorials, linguistic and litteral transmissions.

Paradoxal is that bamboo grow fast and it is traditionnally used in slow ways of life around the world.

Occidental minded way of life is a fast growing model. Pressure to the children guide and teach them to get fast in their lives. Earning money, discovering, experiencing, get powerful... faster and faster.
Like bamboo grow.
Many locals cultures use green materials like bambou to survive in cool working ways. Slowly, without forgetting to developp cerebral, spiritual skills, like music, philosophy, adapting knowledges about handmades with bamboo to live equilibrate.

The big society we live in, big towns, technologized well by smarter and smarter appearences is the exact contrary of this.

I appreciate to learn traditional handcrafts technics to work bamboo or others.
To work with it and keep his integrity, keep him from slavery by my hand, it keep me from slavery.

It's a way I know i'll be free.

How can I get faster and faster if I have no time to loose ? This bamboo express an answer.

JABAGALEA- 2013 - Raisonnement mécanique hypocrisie systématique

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